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Bo Un mal again makes a remix done. The gentlemen of the Silver Pig Party reported and we took and scrambled. With pleasure. So you can now hear somethin': Leschet&Wilde "Autummatik" (SILVER PIG-MUSIC) in Bo Un remix this time on the artists page: Leschet & Wild blog. But that is not enough. Following the logic of the good, we have made another remix. This time for another artist of the label: Stefan Gubatz. One can, will and should be curious and will. We are after all, too, but is currently being mastered yet.

Something superb from our Malecke is now reachable for everybody/women. We have started our secret T-shirt shop. This is not enough! The first three guys, who buy something fine from the shop and sent their order number and name to us, receive an original Artefakte poster (45 x 30 cm)! Deadline is kulanterweise the 1st september 2009.
Then there is a brand new remix of a Loom Song: Yps Rave. Listen to the original quiet at first. Comment by Loom: "It's well on the skin." Listen to it on our Myspace page.


Yes, we were in Cologne's subway with the nice people from Under Tube picture and sound speech. Tina and Sebastian were with us the first question and electronics were a live performance with Theremin bestaunen. That is something! Here is the direct link to the video: Bo Un at Undertube.


In addition to our selbstredenden, hard work on the new album "artifacts" There are now also to other reports: FOEM have made us the Artist Of The Week awards and, yes exactly interview with us. "Yes, how? I do not Believe." but then look yourself.


Yeah, we are now on a sampler to hear: FOEM / Eclectic Youth Vol.16 (CD 3 Track 11) Of course free and with cover! So please: Schön down here.


We have Myspace as a few fresh appetizers. "If Hasn't Will Give" and "Nalog" can be wrought from the secret assess in advance. If that's not fine.


The last performances are volbracht and we have Download the revamped section. Now there's the inclusion by the disk from the sports radio.
Then times Prost!


Bo Un finally have its own homepage and are proud! Unbelievable really, that everything is homemade. In addition, are just preparations for the next Live Sessions , because technically the whole a revolution.

Köln-Campus & Blue Shell
appr. 21:30 o'clock

Slot Festival
Slot Festival Homepage

Raketenklub bei Myspace
0 Uhr - 2:30 Uhr

Blue-Shell: Blaue Nächte

19:30 Uhr Einlass, 21 Uhr Beginn, 5 € Eintritt

Köln Campus Radio
20 Uhr - 22 Uhr live im Radio

Some flyers from former gigs: