Contact & Infos

For enquiries too bad joke and false information on the person simply send an e-mail to the Bo Un Headquarter .

Booking-Matters should best be here:
Bo Un booken.

An original quote from the book by Philolaos the Pythagoreer:

"Zwo People, zwo computer with modern synthetic Klangbüchsen to replace movement. And then when Halligalli Local date. Dance Bare synthesis of colorful sounds and electrical crunchy beats."

Bo Un defined in three steps:

1st Bo Un is a process of producing acoustic entities, the
controlled by two individuals. It should be noted that the process itself Bo Un, and not to two individuals.

2nd The western concept of music is here in the Extreme driven, by the acoustic product strictly distinguished from its production . To the sound structures as possible Offentheit strong reference for itself, which they deserve, in the context of the individual Inserted recipients and for this association, new levels to tap.

3rd Bo Un grows on the basic electronic Pop music under the sun of spontaneity.

A Short History by Bo Un:

Who is here? "Baun"? -- Despite the difficulty reading debate of the band name gather to electric fans to the versatile sounds of Bo Un to listen. To most recently at the Cologne-Campus Party (Bo Un Hand in hand with Andy Toma of Mouse on Mars) or even in our Capital Berlin in Casiopeia (on behalf of rabbit country). The fun with two companions tasteful sunglasses and modern headgear decorated lay under the name Bo Un on. As spoken - two words.

It is is the finest, produced electronic music, not only hip electronic music fans with technoid seizures excited but also by knallbonbonhafte Big Beat attacks the purest Charity treat for the ears creates. The horrors the two Students either before verqueren bass rhythms, including round back before chilliger Ambient music.

In 2002, Jan Aumann and Axel Berking first to the common music. Music with real instrument was always beautiful, but different Sound experience and humor should come from their hands only with latest Technology that day. They since 2006 for party-Pa in the style of a Laptopkombo, bring their own material live remixed and also like to look at other operating as joystick and gamepad back.